15 May 2016

Some pictures

Sam and me on Temple Square
At the General Women's Session with my friends Carrie Ann and Beth, and Carrie Ann's wonderful mom, Sister Bonnie Oscarson
The girls doing some sort of performance while Theo looks on. It looks like Irish dancing but I don't think they know about that.
Rosy Daisy
Daisy saying "Eureka!"
Ky helping Goldie be brave enough to go up to the Floppy Guy
Funny swinger
A handy comparison of the two
Ky teaching Daisy how to do the monkey bars
Girls and Theo playing in the little kitchen
Ky concentrating earnestly during his first piano recital
Making breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House
Lego penguin Seb made for Daisy
Field trip to the symphony

14 February 2016

A year of Theodore

Here he is all twelve months of his first year (and the first picture is at 2 days old). For Junie's first year see here; for Marigold's first year see here.

19 January 2016

Malachi got baptized!

I remember how surprised I felt when Abraham was old enough to be baptized, and then again with Sebastian. I couldn't believe how fast the time had passed and that I had eight-year-olds! But oddly, I didn't feel like that with Malachi. It just seemed like time…HIGH time, even…for him to be eight! And what a good, sweet, kind, smart eight-year-old he is. We had so much fun celebrating him and this important milestone in his life!

His grandparents, some cousins, and his best friend Natalie and her family, all came to the baptism and to our house for pancakes and waffles afterwards. It was a wonderful day!
Blurry, blast it all. But still cute!
Here we all are.
Afterwards that same day, we got to go to Malachi's cousin Evelyn's baptism too! 
Goldie looked extra cute in her Sunday coat, so I kept taking pictures of her.

19 October 2015

Red Barn 2015

We always love our visits to the Pumpkin Patch at the Red Barn. We went this year for Abraham's birthday activity. Can you believe it's our ninth year of this tradition? (Here are posts #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 in this series.)
Biggest and littlest
We ate apple cider donuts, of course. Very important.
The tractor races are always popular. I'm not sure if Teddy quite approves of what's going on, though.
There was a corn maze to go through this year. There were little stations along the way where you had to do crayon rubbings of different animal tracks. Daisy and Junie really liked that.
I think Marigold might have enjoyed the slide most of all this year. She laughed and laughed and laughed.
Of course, she enjoyed going down double just as much as going alone.
Junie loved the slide too.
Theodore liked fiddling with this little paper, very intently.
It was such a beautiful, warm night. We hardly even needed our jackets.
Bouncing with excitement
A pair of sun dogs!
Goldie worked very hard at holding her pumpkin safely during the tractor ride back to the car.
It was another great year at the Red Barn. See you next year, Pumpkin Patch!